Attending [adjective]

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They also developed communication tactics to smooth over their calls with the attendings.

“But this is not a case of attending a patient, Baron,” said David Arden, a little haughtily.

While the hunter was attending to his business with the planter, the boy's bright eyes noted the lady's dress.

Many, however, are not aware of the fatality attending its use by the brute creation.

Yet, I dare say there are some who, still attending the fair, look back with regret on the disappearance of the good old days.

Therefore I would have you to well consider the great inconveniences attending delay.

He may therefore receive and waive notice of them, vote when attending them, in short, participate in all matters.

And this becomes sufficiently obvious when the circumstances attending the exhaustion of the soil are minutely examined.

The following day being Sunday, we availed ourselves of the opportunity of attending services at the Minster.

The Elder Brethren have also to perform the duty of attending the Sovereign on sea-voyages.