Attentions [noun]

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We know more than ever about attention span and engagement, or the connection between socio-emotional development and academic outcomes.

A lack of institutional leadership also means there aren’t many prominent people or groups showing up to nudge politicians to pay attention to their issues.

The QAnon conspiracy theory, which originated online three years ago, has gained more attention this year.

With no iPhone to soak up all the attention this year, the two new models—the premium Apple Watch Series 6 and the lesser Apple SE—shone.

While this campaign is mostly geared toward informing Instagram users, Steyer said he also hopes the celebrity messages will garner the attention of advertisers.

Apple gave more attention to the more powerful iPad Air tablet, which will cost $599 and will be available next month, said Apple vice president of hardware engineering Laura Legros.

The result, unveiled August 5 in two locations near Shibuya ward’s Yoyogi Park, is attracting global attention.

The younger company had already surged past Intel, thanks to its attention to chips powering the graphics of video games, technology that came in handy for all sorts of artificial intelligence-fueled applications.

Nvidia’s Huang runs a company that’s captured the attention of investors like few others in the past decade.

This attracted much attention, and the London journals praised the artist.