Attentively [adverb]

Definition of Attentively:

with concentration

Synonyms of Attentively:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attentively:

Sentence/Example of Attentively:

The stranger regarded Hedges attentively, rather to the discomfiture of that functionary, who thought he was doubted.

Morley Jones paused, and Mr Durant looked at him attentively for a few seconds.

Isabel deigned no reply, and he took possession of a deep chair, settled himself on his backbone, and regarded her attentively.

Now “awfully sorry” is not a western colloquialism, and the girl looked at him attentively.

Look at my coachman more attentively, gentlemen, and you will see that he is a very valuable man.

He was naturally very much interested in the concert, and read the programme most attentively.

And then he raised his bandage, and finding himself in front of a house, examined it attentively.

Suddenly the dog's ears pointed forward attentively and his whole body quivered.

If we would learn not to fear them, we have only to examine them a little more nearly and attentively.

"He must at least have renounced his idea of vengeance," decided David, after studying the youth's face attentively.