Attenuations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Attenuations:

There is no growth in the idea of god, there is only an attenuation.

It is to be given at the first attenuation three times daily in half gr.

The old man stared at this cynical announcement: he searched his visitor's face for some attenuation of the words.

Peter was pinguid, plump, and plethoric—she was thin to attenuation.

There was considerable attenuation of the walls of both auricles and ventricles.

From the vinous energy of this odour, and the progressive attenuation of the wort, the vigour of the fermentation may be inferred.

The perfection of the pencil depends upon this equality; the tapering point being produced simply by the attenuation of the tips.

Pasteur hastened to apply his discovery of the attenuation of the virus of chicken cholera to the virus of splenic fever.

Why, you poor, miserable attenuation of humanity, how dare you address yourself to me in that orthodox manner?

He seeks to depict emotion, not in its ultimate attenuation, but in its fundamental innocence and fury.