Attic [noun]

Definition of Attic:

space under the roof of a house

Synonyms of Attic:

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Sentence/Example of Attic:

Bertha is the obstacle keeping Jane Eyre from marrying Rochester, and she is the madwoman in the attic whom the trope is named after.

I personally had no trouble running Ethernet under the crawl space of my old one-story house, though my current two-story house required some compromises thanks to its slab foundation and lack of attic access for half the house.

Stay on top of clutter in your kitchen, pantry, bathroom, attic, and other areas in your home with the GranRosi farmhouse style metal basket pair.

It opens with Brumotti, 40, in the attic bedroom of his parents’ home in the seaside region of Liguria, where most citizens, like the rest of the country, are under emergency lockdown.

A part of this had to do with how Romans and especially their Praetorian Guard was depicted with the stylized Attic helmet variant with engravings and plumes.

This, in turn, relegates the possible use of Attic helmets in ceremonial parades.

The latter went immediately to look for his wife, and found her hidden in an attic, hanging to a beam.

From the time of Solon the Attic months were lunar, composed alternately of 30 and 29 days.

At the door of the lodging in the attic she stopped and tapped mysteriously; an old man brought forward a chair for her.

Chance ruled that Andrea's gaze, idle as it was from her sitting still to have her hair brushed, fell on Rousseau's attic.