Attired [verb]

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Movement to know that she was attired in appropriate costume—short frock, biped continuations and a mannish oil-skin hat.

She is always attired in black, and is utterly careless in dress, yet nothing can conceal her innate elegance of figure.

Mrs. Pontellier, attired in a handsome reception gown, remained in the drawing-room the entire afternoon receiving her visitors.

She is still attired in widow's weeds, but looks more composed and happy than when we saw her many months ago there.

A really handsome man, immaculately attired in the finest tailored clothes and in the fashion of the day.

Equipage after equipage began to roll up to the palace, and set down the most brilliantly attired company of both sexes.

The soubrette had a lank young body neatly attired in a store suit and shirt-waist.

And just as I came up I saw Mrs. Maloney, marvellously attired, fumbling with a lantern.

She was furthermore attired in an old Paisley shawl belonging to her grandmother—what better way to advertise a grandmother?

A great silence ensued and Honey-Bee appeared attired all in white and with flowing golden hair.