Attiring [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Attiring:

Every morning she went through the ceremony of asking whether she was wanted, before attiring herself for church.

And the two women went into the attiring-room with arms still locked about each other's waists.

Rodman was up in his bedroom, attiring himself elaborately for sentry duty.

He went to dress, while the Queen and the others were also attiring themselves plainly, with large hats to conceal their faces.

After fully attiring himself he came to the back door which Hannah had already locked, and tapped three times.

Meanwhile the Duchess Grumbly was also occupied in attiring herself.

The blow fell upon him when he was attiring himself in the garments of his new degree, in preparation for his visit.

After enjoying a luxurious bath, and attiring himself in a suit of snowy-white gear, Frank descended to the dining-room.

One rather incomprehensible thing struck us as we left the attiring-room.

At Kelso Harry procured changes of garments, attiring himself as a Lowland farmer, and his companions as two drovers.