Attitudes [noun]

Definition of Attitudes:

mental outlook

Opposite/Antonyms of Attitudes:

Sentence/Example of Attitudes:

Both men put themselves at once on the defensive: their blades crossed, but the attitudes were different and characteristic.

Avoid lounging attitudes, they are indelicate, except in your own private apartment.

What a number of pretty coquetries do the ladies perform, and into what pretty attitudes do they take care to fall!

The temple rests on the backs of numerous elephants and tigers, which lie next to each other in peaceful attitudes.

They all arose, and, as they were directed, seated themselves in respectful attitudes on the edge of the musnud.

They went through all the grotesque attitudes and steps which they use in their pantomimes of great victories.

He makes no repetitions, flings himself into no attitudes, assumes no airs, but proceeds on to the end steadily and calmly.

The actress who played the part of Lilian caught her in her arms, in various attitudes; but none of them seemed right.

I found my attitudes of restrained and delicate affection for Margaret increasingly difficult to sustain.

One of the attitudes of Moslem prayer involves bowing forward from a kneeling posture till the forehead touches the ground.