Attracted [verb]

Definition of Attracted:

draw attention

Synonyms of Attracted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attracted:

Sentence/Example of Attracted:

FoodBoss helps simplify that by offering multiple options, including our own, to attract customers.

Over the past three months, HuffPost’s site has attracted a monthly average of 81 million unique users, according to SimilarWeb, about four times the size of BuzzFeed News’s audience over that same period.

More than 73 million Americans voted for a presidential candidate excited by exclusion, attracted to authoritarianism and prone to conspiracy theories.

The survey also found that the museums that have reopened were attracting 35 percent of normal attendance, a level that is not sustainable long-term, according to the report.

That puts small libraries at a disadvantage, and they attract fewer than half as many visitors, the report says.

Still, the release could provide a boost for the nascent streaming service, which has struggled to attract customers willing to pay $15 monthly for its offerings.

Overall, Zurich says the job listings attracted more than double the number of applications by both male and female candidates.

Instead, having a mature content strategy and delivery process directly impacts a brand’s ability to attract and retain customers.

It could be the culture, the decision-making, the people they attract—I have no idea why.

Flip-Pay created a cloud-based platform enabling publishers to create bundles and products for attracting new audience segments quickly — all at a lower cost than traditional paywalls.