Attracting [verb]

Definition of Attracting:

draw attention

Synonyms of Attracting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attracting:

Sentence/Example of Attracting:

A great many agents possess the power of attracting leukocytes into the general circulation.

His voice is raised, attracting the notice of two or three groups who take coffee at the iron tables.

Though he was daily attracting more attention, he had not yet risen to popularity.

In no other country in Europe is the tobacco plant attracting as much as attention as in the empire of Russia.

This variety is attracting considerable attention, from the fact that it is well adapted for the manufacture of cigars.

You see, it couldn't be done without attracting attention--and I have the honor of knowing his mother.

But not alone in this country is the plant attracting the attention of the great commercial nations.

Lectures—Two ladies may attend a lecture, unaccompanied by a gentleman, without attracting attention.

For seven years he led an unsettled life, attracting attention everywhere by his talents and the boldness of his teaching.

He had the gift of attracting men to him on short acquaintance and of holding them as life-long friends.