Attractions [noun]

Definition of Attractions:

ability to draw attention; something that draws attention

Synonyms of Attractions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attractions:

Sentence/Example of Attractions:

It is to be feared that the attractions of the house-dinner were not the sole inducement to many of those sitting there.

Zoological gardens and “wild beast shows” had for him attractions which were quite irresistible.

And is it possible that the Doa can be obdurate to such irresistible attractions?

His son was a handsome young fellow, and he felt certain that Miss Watling was not indifferent to his personal attractions.

It even possessed the attractions of a golf course, the first in Ireland, the Kinnegar at Holywood, p. 92but more of that anon.

Among the attractions which he possessed for Mrs. Armine, certainly not the least was his lack of respect for women as women.

It passes through wild scenery, but the country has few historic attractions.

The jailer's wife was a kind woman, and immediately felt the power of the attractions of her fascinating prisoner.

Both were endowed with unusual attractions of person, spirits invigorated by enthusiasm, and the loftiest heroism.

Scarcely have they lived a year with their husbands when they become impatient to ascertain the force of their attractions.