Attracts [verb]

Definition of Attracts:

draw attention

Synonyms of Attracts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attracts:

Sentence/Example of Attracts:

Of course, most specimens are probably taken up in the summer when the handsome foliage attracts the eye.

But Perpignan being at the end of everywhere and leading nowhere attracts very few visitors.

The first incident in the babyhood of the Princess Alice which attracts attention is the record of her christening.

Their beauty attracts undesirable attention, and their ignorance makes them an easy prey.

The patriot band attracts the brigand proper, who is not averse to continue his old courses under an honourable pretext.

Putrefying flesh attracts them; they crowd round it, devour the body, and are in their turn consumed by the devil-fish.

The spring rains come, but the rice is left unsowed, for a fair crop attracts the spoilers, and only the poor are left in peace.

The rich man believes that his existence is secure because he possesses money, and his money attracts a thief who kills him.

The noise attracts the large fish, who think there is a shoal of the small fry about, and they jump at the bait and are caught.

The beauty in its variegated stone with the sunlight upon it attracts me.