Attributable [adjective]

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On the other hand, I’d be surprised if there isn’t some element of athletes being “chosen by their sport” in part based on pre-existing psychological attributes like willingness to suffer.

There’s a second product under development that’s focused on nutritional attributes for applications in sports nutrition and nutritional supplements, McIntyre said.

If a campaign is lucky, it will find its way through a wilderness of polling, voter attributes, demographics, turnout, impressions, gerrymandering, and ad buys to connect with voters in a way that moves or even inspires them.

Local business service attributes in ads These new ad attributes, such as curbside pickup, may be helpful to consumers trying to make buying decisions.

Genentech’s plan is to feed this information into a neural network that can map a patient’s health attributes.

From its start, Allbirds tapped into the then-emerging trend of environmental sustainability as a commercial and marketing attribute.

Business attributes on GMB are category dependent and so these new health & safety attributes probably won’t show up for all categories.

That attribute will override the country targeting set at the feed level.

Before we get to the new additions, let’s break down the original nofollow attribute as a quick refresher.

If you will allow me to say it, I think his extra word ‘very’ stands explained: it is attributable to a defect of memory.