Attributed [verb]

Definition of Attributed:

ascribe, assign to source

Synonyms of Attributed:

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Sentence/Example of Attributed:

Each prospect has a wingspan that stretches to nearly 7 feet, defensive awareness and a precise 3-point shot as their most attractive attributes, making them tailor-made for an NBA that for the past half-decade has put a premium on such traits.

The ways in which this creature’s creators have successfully modeled him on human attributes can offer insights into how and why people deem certain beings and certain behaviors undeniably lovable.

For example, Akhavan said, in the auto parts vertical, the most obvious attribute is the vehicle that a person drives.

ReviewMeta runs 12 tests for veracity, while Review Summarizer compares specific attributes of a product and calculates the percentage of positive and negative reviews for that attribute.

At the same time, devices in some of Xilinx’s traditional markets, such as automotive and networking, are increasingly taking on more of the attributes of computers.

As for active flight, the dinosaurs lacked other attributes possessed by powerful fliers, whether feather-winged like birds or membrane-winged like pterosaurs and bats.

Wilson is widely credited as the most effective politician in modern San Diego history, who transformed downtown and set in motion the political culture that still has many lingering attributes of his leadership.

You can view some of these attributes in the “Overview” cross-section of the LSA profile below.

Which is more about understanding the objects, understanding their attributes, even though some of the attributes may not directly contribute to the entire self-driving system.

Together, these attributes make the moon a uniquely desirable destination for SETI—if you can, in fact, figure out how to fund and build an observatory that takes advantage of them.