Attributes [noun]

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And Himself, whose being and attributes are all infinite, they are created and preserved to praise and adore.

Little has come down to us concerning the personal attributes of Gilbert White.

The law of God originates in his nature, but the attributes of his creatures are due to his sovereignty.

They, possessed of different characteristic attributes, alike recognise its appeals.

Many of the current attributes of this college are traceable to the administration of Robert E. Lee.

He attributes much to the imprudence, or imbecility of the enemy, whose plan of saving an army he likens to Sterne's marble sheet.

This intention is indeed so necessary that it does not belong to the qualities or attributes of prayer, but to its very essence.

Therefore confidence, like devotion or attention, must be reckoned among the essential qualities or attributes of prayer.

He attributes the notion to the Pythagoreans and the Jews, and notes the use of the phrase 'concentum cli' in Job xxxviii.

What is to be said of inspiration, and authority, and the essential attributes of a church?