Attributions [noun]

Definition of Attributions:

act of attributing

Synonyms of Attributions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attributions:


Sentence/Example of Attributions:

King Robert's military renown does not need the false attribution of tactical discoveries that he certainly did not make.

The form of the title and the attribution of the work to Boulanger were designed to set persecution on the wrong track.

I do not know whether the attribution of the stone to Antony Paynes parents was more than a likely guess.

Worship, we tell ourselves, is worth-ship; it is the attribution of worth or honor to whom these are properly due.

This reiterated attribution of blessedness to Mary our Mother calls us to pause and ask just what blessedness means.

Walter not only has the greatest amount of traditional attribution, but is the undoubted author of De Nugis Curialium.

The not infrequent attribution of this book to Berkeley is a good instance of the general inability to discriminate style.

The attribution of one of these to Juno Quiritis is uncertain.

The attribution of pictures belonging to the group of the two Lippis and Botticelli is still very uncertain.

Hence both the attribution of these pictures, and the lives of the painters to whom they are attributed, are still very uncertain.