Attributive [noun]

Definition of Attributive:

word that modifies a noun

Synonyms of Attributive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attributive:


Sentence/Example of Attributive:

In this line and the next the attributive clauses are separated from the antecedent: see note, l. 2.

Rnams follows its noun as would any other attributive word—“man plural” (whether two or a million) like “man white.”

Adjective clauses (relative, attributive) always follow, and most often directly, the noun they modify.

An Attributive is a word that connotes an attribute or property, as hot, valorous, and is always grammatically an adjective.

In the substantive verb there are two classes, of which only one is also common to attributive verbs.

These compounds are usually nouns, or adjectives and participles used in a sense more appositive than attributive.

The Vocabulario has snuru and sannuru as the ombin form of the attributive perfective sarinuru.

The words ex agro Sabino form an attributive phrase qualifying Romanos just as rusticos does.

The interposition of the heterogeneous attributive between and is harsh and improbablenot to say, with Hofmann, quite incredible.

To be more precise, let us consider an existential, instead of an attributive, judgment.