Attritions [noun]

Definition of Attritions:

wearing down or away

Synonyms of Attritions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attritions:

Sentence/Example of Attritions:

River sand is frequently used, but is not so good as pit sand on account of the particles being rubbed smooth by attrition.

When arising from rough friction or attrition, they are more commonly called abrasions.

How charming, how delightful, how inspiring is the eloquence which is kindled by the attrition of gifted minds!

Anti-attrition, an′ti-at-trish′on, n. anything which counteracts attrition or friction—also figuratively.

Neither of them had the slightest traces of gangue, or vein-matter, nor of attrition in being removed from the parent beds.

This bears evident marks of attrition, and appears to have been uniformly taken from diluvial earth.

The fixation supports them against dissipation through attrition of circumstance, and against destruction through hostile attack.

When these latter are examined, they are found to exhibit marks of attrition, just like the stones of a conglomerate.

The enemy's attempts at attrition on the spot were a failure.

The resulting attrition may release impulse for new adventures.