Attuned [verb]

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Companies are already attuned to some types of risk simply because they encounter them more often.

That’s why in the context of everything else that we have to monitor in the state’s budget, that’s going to be something I’ll be attuned to during the budget conversations and make sure that those revenue streams are protected.

Their visual acuity provides a tour attuned to shape, color and pattern.

What’s more, human babies are also attuned, and drawn to, others who demonstrate similar cooperative behaviors.

The nerves are harmonised and quieted; the mind attuned to silence; and observe how easily and regularly beats the heart!

We gave brief addresses attuned to this excitement and the late hour, amidst much enthusiasm.

I am no longer young; and my heart, through weary years of mourning over the dead, is not attuned to mirth.

She adopted the fiction that she and the dominie were in close confidence, and attuned her conversation to the fiction.

The morning air stirred about them, redolent in sweet scents and attuned with the many voices of summer.

The figure was right; he felt sure of that, but the tone of the background somehow was not yet quite attuned to it.