Atypical [adjective]

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In atypical or irregular gout we may have a group of inflammations or functional disturbances in any tissue of the body.

It is in this class of atypical gout that hay fever and neurasthenia belong, if they be gouty at all.

Do you think your memory of him is atypical, or would you remember all the enlisted men in that crew approximately the same?

Where skin lesions are atypical it is well to bear in mind the possibility of this curious condition.

Cancer is therefore defined as an atypical, epithelial new formation.

Especially is this true of atypical cases occurring sporadically.

It can hardly be considered a mere accident that Shakespeare discovered just this characteristic, which is really atypical.

Gout occurs in two forms, typical and atypical, irregular gout.

The other atypical patterns are not so easily dismissed and will be the subject of inquiry in the discussions that follow.

Atypical specimens or those to be used for illustration were set aside for separate shipment and more intensive examination.