Auburns [noun]

Definition of Auburns:

reddish-brown color

Synonyms of Auburns:

Opposite/Antonyms of Auburns:


Sentence/Example of Auburns:

An Irish clergyman insisted that it was the little hamlet of Auburn, in the county of Westmeath.

She had bright auburn hair, dark hazel eyes, a fair complexion, and a "dimpled chin."

The morning sun, about four hours high, played through his rumpled hair, the auburn gleaming like flame.

Auburn—a village on the Isis, in the parish of Hill and county of Somerset.

The colour of this beard and of his hair—which he wore pretty long—was a light auburn.

Hake, the younger of the two, had close-curling auburn hair, and bright blue eyes.

In the course of my rambles I came across some photographers from Auburn who had been taking views of the scenery about here.

Geo saw that Argo's hair had wet to dark auburn and hugged her head now, making little streaks down her neck.

The stream tumbled noisily over rocks and stones, the bog-stained water glowing auburn-coloured in the sunlight.

The fairy of the West threw back her auburn hair with a gesture of impatience.