Auctioned [verb]

Definition of Auctioned:

exchange an object for money

Synonyms of Auctioned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Auctioned:

Sentence/Example of Auctioned:

The next time they put me up in a wagon and auctioned me off.

Everything, from motor-cars to potatoes, was auctioned and raffled.

The store and all that was in it were then auctioned off for a few hundred rubles, and finally the house was offered for sale.

The baskets are auctioned, the proceeds are given to some church charity, and the purchaser and the girl have dinner together.

If they did not wish the trouble of their return passage they auctioned them off to the highest bidder.

There was no slave jail on the Stone place, and I never saw a slave sold or auctioned off.

I ain't never seed no slaves bein' sold or auctioned off on de block.

Many a time if the boy was desirable, he was put on the stump and auctioned off by the time he was thirteen years old.

The books, which made only a minor part of the latter sale, were all auctioned off on the sixth day.

Mary said the master married her mother and father after her mother was stood up on a stump and auctioned off.