Auctioneer [noun]

Definition of Auctioneer:

person who gives object in exchange for money

Synonyms of Auctioneer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Auctioneer:

Sentence/Example of Auctioneer:

If the auctioneer could afterward do this he might change the name, substitute another, and so perpetrate a fraud.

The seller or owner therefore is not bound by any terms stated by the auctioneer differing from those given to him.

I don't talk loud, and anyhow, they're listening to the auctioneer.

From the landing already he could hear the voice of the auctioneer.

The highest offer has me, your ladyship; he's but a poor auctioneer that knocks down his ware when only one bidder is present.

The auctioneer was offering a "solid gold, Swiss movement, eighteen jeweled watch" to the highest bidder.

"Four hundred is bid for this beautiful Louis Fourteenth bureau," howled the auctioneer, repeating my bid.

Never had I seen such a graceful gesture defined by man as the freckled fist of the auctioneer described at that moment of hope.

Thus the bidding at Hyacinth's auction was brisk, and the prices such as gave sincere satisfaction to the auctioneer.

The little twittering birds are piping the refrain of the sad, sad song of the auctioneer.