Audacious [adjective]

Definition of Audacious:

reckless, daring

Synonyms of Audacious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Audacious:

Sentence/Example of Audacious:

But, just examine this heterogeneous pile of 'cigar-lights,' which rears its audacious head upon the table.

But the outbreak of the Revolution opened a wider field to the audacious young Gascon.

Audacious manDefies the threats of the avenging sea,And to new shores and to new stars repeatsThe same sad tale of infamy and woe.

This last is notable as containing what, as far as my Baronite knows, is the most audacious rhyme in the English language.

He, the conqueror, the irresistible, had never before met one of this audacious and headstrong breed.

Is there anything more audacious and more extravagant than to reason about an object which it is impossible to conceive of?

Evidently the savages were ashamed to let their enemies escape for lack of one audacious assault.

Nothing dismayed by his first rebuff, the audacious Fouch again intervened.

The epithets which he applies to him are “audacious,” “unprincipled,” “rash”; and besides,The vulgar abuse of Timaeus.

A young woman of impulse, she yielded to an audacious one now.