Audibly [adverb]

Definition of Audibly:

without any doubt

Opposite/Antonyms of Audibly:

Sentence/Example of Audibly:

Guards relayed calls to running backs and backup quarterback Chase Daniel supervised audibles when he replaced Stafford, who was knocked out of the game by a rib injury, in the fourth quarter.

In these systems, the dash cam monitors the position of the lane lines relative to the car’s direction of travel and will alert the driver when they are drifting out of the lane with an audible alert, a visual alert, or both.

All of the major smart speakers got an audible upgrade this year, with one exception.

There are no women left, and all the men are afflicted by something called the "Noise," which makes their thoughts audible, driving many of them mad.

NPS surveys have found that helicopter noise is audible in 98 percent of the park’s wilderness areas, disturbing wildlife and park visitors.

Mr. Pickwick paused again: Emily and Arabella sobbed audibly.

Trenchard took the pipe from his lips, audibly blew out a cloud of smoke and stared at his friend.

The words were so audibly breathed that the girl started in her delirious sorrow, and gazed wildly around.

Twenty minutes later, the fact that young Joe was sleeping soundly was audibly in evidence.

Robinson now began to pant audibly, and finding he could not shake the hunter off, he with some reluctance prepared another game.