Audience [noun]

Definition of Audience:

group observing an entertainment or sporting event

Synonyms of Audience:

Opposite/Antonyms of Audience:


Sentence/Example of Audience:

He was also the one and only personage in the drama, concentrating on himself the attention of the audience.

How still and calm the night was, the very stars were painted on the sky, the lights were low, there lay a hush upon the audience.

The voice of duty called her to the kitchen, where her cook patiently awaited her inevitable, and always painful, audience.

His lordship suggested that Garrick should write an address to the audience for the players.

The more enthusiastic among the audience, male and female, also sport the red cap of liberty.

He has been at once the author and the audience of the pitiful, unspeakable, long-drawn and far-stretched tragedy of earthly life.

It was theatrical: he stood upon the stage, an audience watching him with intent expectancy, wondering upon his decision.

The band played a popular air and the amused audience began singing the song.

Conversation had expired on Scattergood's arrival, and the group on the porch converted itself into an audience.

The audience is still applauding his last song, and he rushes back through the faded green velvet portières to bow his thanks.