Audiences [noun]

Definition of Audiences:

group observing an entertainment or sporting event

Synonyms of Audiences:

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Sentence/Example of Audiences:

We were surprised at the small audiences which we found at the cathedrals where we attended services.

Being a great wit, he kept his audiences in uproars of laughter.

The opinion and reaction of Richmond audiences and critics became respected and noticed throughout the country.

One of the favorite actresses of the soldier audiences was Sally Partington.

In like manner, Aristophanes could afford to trifle with the asseverations of his own Athenian audiences.

So after one or two attempts to lift my audiences to the level of the issues involved, I began to adapt myself to them.

I do not forget the tremendous labor, physical as well as mental, of lecturing on burning questions to large audiences.

Now we followed Kamelillo to a great room, where it seemed the king held audiences and gave out laws and justice.

The King received him very courteously, and granted him several audiences.

But it becomes a more serious matter when learned men employ inflated language in addressing ignorant and excitable audiences.