Audio [adjective]

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But human beings are good at picking their names out of audio confusion -- it's a survival trait.

There were all kinds of great suggestions for AbusesOfAuthority coming in; hundreds of little and big ones, pictures and audio.

By trial and error Jason brought in the audio for the stations he wanted and tried to follow the course of the attack.

Assistant: (Opening a pinch cock in the tube that enters the arm, increasing video contrast, increasing audio): He's weakening.

Oliver slowly drew Lee's head for the fifteenth time and wished he dared to turn on the audio for the news.

By evening they had an audio apparatus incorporated in the set, had wired the screen for sound.

Cameron hesitated, determined to let it go unanswered, then punched the button irritably on audio only.

It would appear in either printed or pictorial form or could be had on audio if they wanted it.

He glanced around the apartment at Hawkes' bar and his audio system and all the dead man's other things.

He dared not break audio silence to warn the cadets aboard the Polaris, lest he give away the position of the ship.