Auditing [verb]

Definition of Auditing:

inspect financial records

Synonyms of Auditing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Auditing:

Sentence/Example of Auditing:

And the company guards came down and picked it up immediately after lunch for their auditing department.

Who was that young man who came down here to help Johnson with the auditing, and who went away so suddenly?

The Board met once for but ten minutes, and turned the whole auditing business over to Tweed.

I have in my mind a commercial married man auditing in his debit and credit mind the matrimonial balance sheet.

The Government maintained an auditing organization at each job.

The princess went back to her accounts, but no amount of auditing made the sum they had saved any larger.

Every attempt to forecast the future is subject in the end to the auditing of present concrete impulse and habit.

It would make accounting and auditing a subordinate factor in discovering the meaning of present activity.

In the former capacity the duty was imposed upon him of taking part in the auditing of his own accounts.

After three months employed in auditing the debtor and creditor accounts, the time comes for the concordat.