Audition [noun]

Definition of Audition:

test of ability

Synonyms of Audition:

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Sentence/Example of Audition:

When I went to the opera for my hearing or audition, Gounod went with me and we sang the duets together.

With such a letter or such an introduction, arrange for an audition at the headquarters in New York.

The neglect of his powers of audition will cause him to rely absolutely on his powers of visualizing the written form.

This showed conclusively that the organs of audition were not located in the antennæ, as Will supposed and as Lubbock advocates.

In this reaction to a visual stimulus there appeared good material for testing audition.

The first is hypnagogic hallucination, the second coloured audition.

If to possess vision is to see, then also to possess audition is to hear.

If to possess audition is not to hear, then neither is to possess vision to see.

The science of audition and sound; that branch of physics which treats of their cause, nature, and phenomena.

Audition is cognition of principles, conversant about all articulate sounds.