Auditories [noun]

Definition of Auditories:

ability to perceive sound

Synonyms of Auditories:

Opposite/Antonyms of Auditories:


Sentence/Example of Auditories:

Preached in the morning and evening to small polite auditories.

The auditories were very large and attentive, and, for the most times, very quiet.

I preached only three times, but to almost three times larger auditories than usual.

Preached twice, as yesterday, to very crowded auditories, and neither time without success.

On Friday evening, I preached at Bristol; and have continued to do so, twice every day, to great and affected auditories.

His irresistible gestures gave impulse to his plebeian auditories.

Henderson recited it to overflowing auditories; Mr. Henry Thornton addressed it to a large party of friends at Mr. Newton's.

He saw his neighbors' ears clogged, and he was prepared to die howling if only he could pierce those encrusted auditories.

As the crowd thickened, the sounds of wrath and triumph increased, becoming more terrible to my auditories.

Its future auditories will be the successive generations of men, as they rise up before it and gather around it.