Auditorium [noun]

Definition of Auditorium:

room, building for entertainment events

Synonyms of Auditorium:

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Sentence/Example of Auditorium:

The fanfare sounds again, the buzz of conversation is stilled, the lights turned down, and darkness reigns in the auditorium.

In 1883 the interior was entirely remodeled and stained windows put in, thus making a handsome auditorium.

The stage is of good size and well-appointed and the auditorium neat and attractive.

And they were delayed in realizing it by a diversion from the other side of the auditorium.

The point between us was whether Miss Euclid's speeches ought to be clearly audible in the auditorium.

Ned sprang down the steps after Tad and together they disappeared through a rear door in the auditorium.

And now he gazed through the peep-hole of the curtain upon a crammed and half-delirious auditorium.

When he entered the auditorium where the services were to be held there was a demonstration which lasted more than five minutes.

In the auditorium the same things went on more or less as in the grandest houses of the capital.

Johnston bethought himself that he might learn something in the Electric Auditorium and he went into it.