Auditory [adjective]

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It has no external ears, but only auditory passages concealed under the hair.

As the auditory bullae become more inflated, the index increases toward 100.

The diagnostic characters were the length and breadth of the rostrum and the relatively great inflation of the auditory bullae.

Acoustic, a-kowst′ik, adj. pertaining to the sense of hearing or to the theory of sounds: used in hearing, auditory.

The body may be compared to a harp of two chords,—the optic nerve and the auditory nerve.

The teacher can test the auditory memory of the members of the class for rote material by using letters.

Yet the auditory-motor associations are probably always latent at the least, that is, they are unconsciously brought into play.

These symbols are, in the first instance, auditory and they are produced by the so-called “organs of speech.”

In so far as it is articulated it is also a motor system, but the motor aspect of speech is clearly secondary to the auditory.

They are merely a means and a control leading to auditory perception in both speaker and hearer.