Aught [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aught:

For aught we know, there may be millions of systems, each containing millions of solar systems.

In the tear-stained story of humanity there has never been aught to surpass the thrilling record of Cawnpore.

Not that a gentleman is aught but a gentleman anywhere, but courtesy is certainly not the Englishman's best point.

Nor did we see aught of him during the next few minutes that we spent glaring at Bevans and the surrounding territory.

And their common father had never seen aught but the faults of Marius and the virtues of Florimond.

As for Homer Smith, his carcase might rot in the desert of Arizona, or anywhere, for aught he cared.

"For aught we know to the contrary, Captain Bellairs' death may have been due to perfectly natural causes," Fetherston remarked.

Here, you,” he growled, “was aught said to thee whereby thou hast a scruple to tell me how many guns defend the Cashmere Gate?

And then I asked him to tell me all he knew of Owen, and of what had happened here, and how it came about that he knew aught.

It was the first time I had known aught but joy in battle, and what all my strange new thoughts were I cannot say.