Augmented [verb]

Definition of Augmented:

make greater; improve

Synonyms of Augmented:

Opposite/Antonyms of Augmented:

Sentence/Example of Augmented:

More recently, startup Magic Leap spent a decade trying to develop a set of augmented and virtual reality glasses.

Apple’s work on a product that combines augmented and virtual reality, code-named N301, has been ongoing since at least 2015, with more than 1,000 engineers dedicated to the project.

Nreal, one of the most-watched mixed reality startups in China, just secured $40 million from a group of high-profile investors in a Series B round that could potentially bring more adoption to its portable augmented headsets.

McNeil, his force now augmented by Shaffer's, resolved to push Porter to the limit, and if possible bring him to battle.

From the easterly end of the flat the augmented river squeezed in a roaring rapids through a sort of bottle neck.

This later feast will be augmented perhaps by half the good boys and girls who have been dining at the long table.

And the utility of language has been enormously augmented by the development of the arts of writing and printing.

This is not only manifest in their augmented numbers, but in the gradual and steady improvement of the species.

This book went through many editions and was augmented by subsequent authors and editors.

In this way the number of the defenders became lessened, whilst that of the dying and killed was momentarily augmented.