Augments [verb]

Definition of Augments:

make greater; improve

Synonyms of Augments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Augments:

Sentence/Example of Augments:

Le nombre des Marchaux fut limit et non augment sous la Restoration.

The Secretary's remedy is to set them to raise provisions themselves, and thus augment the supply, while they diminish the demand.

But this one affection only served to augment the mischief that he wrought.

Evacuantia, L. Medicines which augment the secretions or excretions.

The duty of a being is to persevere in its being and even to augment the characteristics which specialize it.

Would it become us to take from our few necessities, what could not much augment the comforter minister to the wants of others?

Her rage and indignation continued to augment as the minutes passed and no bell summoned her back to her duties.

Will you, on the contrary, after the example of your fathers, augment the resources of Rome?

When they fought, it was much more to increase their riches by pillage than to augment the number of their subjects.

Hence the masons were greatly favoured by the popes, and many indulgences were granted, to augment their numbers.