Augured [verb]

Definition of Augured:

predict; be an omen of

Synonyms of Augured:

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Sentence/Example of Augured:

Not that he understood why she was so much more effusive than of old, but if it augured a happier life together, he was glad.

I found upon inquiry at the Chittenango House that I was the only guest, which augured well for a good night's sleep.

But she carried this generosity to a degree that augured ill for the preservation of Mazarin's millions.

His face announced that; and Louis, hot all over, despite the keen wind and frosty air, augured the worst.

Augured to him his mind no good, when he saw the giantess's sorrow on the floor coming.

I am hazy about the farewells, but I think that Dollmann was the most cordial, to me at any rate, and I augured good therefrom.

You were speaking to your companion in confidence, and I heard you say what augured but badly for the success of my cause.

Thus their behaviour towards the pirates was agreed upon, although Pencroft augured nothing good from it.

And he augured the worst when she sat down on a cushion footstool at his knee, and put her hand on his.

Cyrus Harding shook his head with the air of a man who augured no good from the phenomenon whose developments had been so sudden.