Auguries [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Auguries:

But Andrea spills salt upon the table, which evil augury seems to be taken seriously.

Hope was the first horse Napoleon rode on the island, and it pleased him to think that this name was an augury.

No other mode of augury is received with such implicit faith by the people, the nobility, and the priesthood.

Above all, there were expressions in his letters that seemed of sad augury.

They knew not that it was an augury of the fateful tragedy at the gates of Spain.

From such platforms, yellow-brown folk with braided top-knots shouted words of good augury to the on-toiling warriors.

Many drew true and evil augury from the cloud lowering on the stern features of the “Haughty Earl.”

These Beauforts, associated in his thoughts with every evil omen and augury, had they set a spy upon his movements?

He was as much an augury of evil as the brood of ravens that once alighted upon Vespasian's pillar.

I desire to see around him thronging, nay forming the procession, every augury of hope and peace.