Augustnesses [noun]

Definition of Augustnesses:

great importance

Opposite/Antonyms of Augustnesses:

Sentence/Example of Augustnesses:

In ten minutes more, without fail, the water will be at right heat for your augustness.

And His Augustness Izanagi wept aloud, dropping his tears upon her feet and upon her pillow.

And the augustness only vanished with the light of the new lamps I lighted before Shijiro's tablet.

Augustness, how should such a lady carry in her arms a bundle of firewood?

Augustness, the dull eyes of this slave are blinded with beauty.

Augustness, nothing but the harsh voice of the wood-cutter's daughter.

Augustness, nothing but the country wench and moon and snow.

But neither consolidation nor augustness are decisive marks of truth.

But if thy brother sow his rice in the water meads, then do thou, Thine Augustness, sow thy rice upon the uplands.

We rejoice and are glad because there is a goddess more illustrious than Thine Augustness.