Aural [adjective]

Definition of Aural:

able to be heard

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Sentence/Example of Aural:

The results were not: the nerve was directly stimulated, producing aural and visual hallucinations.

The sense of hearing is extremely acute, and the tympanum is large, although externally there is no aural development.

The aural deformities that fall under the head of stigmata, or have been classed as such, affect all portions of the external ear.

The chief use of an ear probe in aural work was to instil liquids into the ear.

Auricular tubes adapted to be applied to the ears and concealed by the hair, and other forms of aural instruments, were devised.

It is not, however, so satisfactory a procedure as applying a large graft directly through the post-aural wound.

To do this the post-aural incision is continued downwards until it joins the one previously made in the neck.

Probably the earliest mental symptom is the onset of aural hallucinations.

Typical cases suffer from distressing aural hallucinations, and the function of sleep is in abeyance.

Films are an appropriate medium for integration of the visual, the aural, and motion.