Aureate [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Aureate:

The golden statue veered in the changing breeze, menacing many points on the horizon with its aureate arrow.

Not a single blemish was there upon her beautiful body, made aureate like a tawny, ripe fruit by the golden down of soft hair.

Caiques carrying merchants to their homes somewhere along the upper shores were burnished with the aureate hue.

The aureate light, streaming on, beat full upon the howitzer and on the living and unwounded of its men.

Here and there the falling golden leaves of a pomegranate made an aureate glow on the red-brown earth.

His writing has no literary merit; but its excessively aureate style deserves notice.

It was after the Restoration that the aureate earth at Kinneff was dug up.

The night died suddenly and the day was upon them, an aureate god, lavish of splendor.

One of the more remote has turned a marvellous tone—a seemingly diaphanous aureate color, the very ghost of gold.

They were like the galaxies of little aureate and sapphire stars in the clear gray heavens of Norhala's eyes.