Aurelian [adjective]

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When Aurelian consulted the god of Palmyra (still in spite of Baltus), the god said that the doves fear the falcon.

But fortune, and the perseverance of Aurelian, overcame every obstacle.

The strength of Aurelian had crushed on every side the enemies of Rome.

Maximian was born a peasant, and, like Aurelian, in the territory of Sirmium.

The Alemanni who had invaded Italy are overwhelmed by Aurelian.

Often Aurelian is of our company, and throws the light of his strong intellect upon whatever subject it is we discuss.

Yet is there, as you will believe knowing the character of Aurelian as well as you do, nothing mean nor servile in this.

Aurelian, in the first year of his reign, laid upon them a severe but useful restraint, and they were checked for a time.

I have before mentioned the completion of Aurelian's Temple of the Sun and the proposed dedication.

Superstition is as deep a principle in the breast of Aurelian as ambition and of that, Fronto is the most fitting high-priest.