Aureola [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aureola:

Whenever this shadow was projected upon a cloud, his head appeared surrounded by a luminous aureola.

These luminous appearances—these aureola rays—have, in addition to the darting movement, a rapid rotary movement around the head.

As soon as the shadow of a mountaineer is projected upon a mist, his head gives rise to a shadow surrounded by a luminous aureola.

The royal castle shone with a strange lustre; a sun seemed to send forth a halo; an ominous aureola appeared in the distance.

The master of the Aureola was worn out with anxiety and want of rest, for his vessel had been ashore for forty-eight hours.

The captain of the Aureola was greatly perturbed, and he promptly ordered his gig to be manned to take him to the Claverhouse.

The captain of the Aureola was not well acquainted with the locality, and arranged that he should follow the other steamer to——.

I see your pale and sweet smile encircled by a bloody aureola, and bearing a stamp that is truly human.

The sunlight came in through the window, and an aureola appeared above her beautiful head.

It is enclosed in a cusped aureola formed of several coloured bands of green, violet, and rose.