Auric [adjective]

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In some cases these thought forms survive in the auric body for some little time, and then gradually fade away.

The thought form of passion will show forth its appropriate auric colors and general characteristics.

The principle of auric colors holds good on all the many planes of being and existence—high as well as low.

Auric iodide, Tri-iodide of gold, Gold teriodide, Auri iodum.

Auric chloride, Terchloride of gold, Trichloride of gold, Auri chloridum.

They are soluble in water and give characteristic precipitates with platinic and auric chlorides, and with potassium ferrocyanide.

I have explained these auric colors, and their meanings, in my little book entitled "The Human Aura."

There are two distinct features connected with the auric coloring of every person.

Green powder, somewhat soluble in potassium hydrate solution, and readily decomposing into metallic gold and auric oxide.

Aur′ated, gold-coloured: compounded with auric acid; Aur′eate, gilded: golden.