Auricular [adjective]

Definition of Auricular:

perceived by hearing

Synonyms of Auricular:

Opposite/Antonyms of Auricular:


Sentence/Example of Auricular:

Religion has resumed her influence: the cathedral is very well attended, but auricular confession is not usual.

My brain seemed to echo that subtle harmony which rings in the auricular labyrinth after sound has ceased.

The site selected for the injection in the rabbit is the posterior auricular vein (see Fig. 192).

Shave the dorsal surface of the ear over the course of the posterior auricular vein (see Fig. 192).

And this may be considered as the date of private or auricular confession under the full sanction of ecclesiastical authority.

And in 1521 the Council of Trent issued a decree making both penance and auricular confession alike necessary.

Auricular confession must be given up as already commanded, and an account must be rendered to the king of all fines imposed.

We got tired a week ago of the mere auricular pleasure of the incessant bombing.

Behold him jabbering, gesticulating, and with auricular grin, distributing this Bartholomew Fair bill.

To the latest hour of my existence, I shall retain a vivid recollection of this auricular martyrdom.