Auriferous [adjective]

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It was a romantic and picturesque spot, but there was not a grain of auriferous metal or ore in sight.

In many parts of the world epidiorites and the quartz veins which sometimes occur in them have proved to be auriferous.

Footnote 2: Machines in which diggers wash the gold from the auriferous soil.

Chips taken from the same bar of auriferous lead may show in one place 23 ozs.

After crossing the creek, we took a due north course over very rugged quartz ranges of an auriferous character.

Some have even searched, but in vain, at the source of auriferous streams for the native bed of this precious metal.

M. Napione supposes that the gold of these ferruginous grounds is due to the decomposition of auriferous pyrites.

France contains no workable gold mines; but it presents in several of its rivers auriferous sands.

Those of Telkebanya, to the south of Kaschau, are in a deposit of auriferous pyrites amid trap rocks of the most recent formation.

Oaxaco contains the only auriferous veins exploited as gold mines in Mexico; they traverse rocks of gneiss and mica slate.