Auroral [adjective]

Definition of Auroral:

shining, glowing in appearance

Opposite/Antonyms of Auroral:

Sentence/Example of Auroral:

As the days went by and the equinox drew near, auroral phenomena were with few exceptions visible on clear evenings.

During such a period auroral displays were usually of nightly occurrence.

Auroral displays were rather frequent but not very pronounced, and in most cases could only be classed as "glows."

That auroral freshness of soul which is the distinctive charm of youth lingered when even memory somewhat failed.

Paula was exceptionally gifted with this auroral cheer which starts the day so brightly.

Kedzie was girlish against an auroral sky; she was rather illumined than dressed in silk.

There was, however, little stormy weather and no auroral displays.

He saw the clear, warm color rise and subside like the throbbing of an auroral light in a starry night.

She was standing, clothed in a robe the color of auroral light, with high neck and plain sleeves.

Evidently during his sleep; for he did not see it on returning from his auroral promenade.