Auroras [noun]

Definition of Auroras:

atmopheric phenomenon

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Sentence/Example of Auroras:

Autonomous vehicles have yet to become mainstream, but companies like Lyft, Cruise, Nuro and Aurora are still fighting the good fight.

In July, Aurora expanded into Texas to test commercial routes.

Volkswagen pulled out of a trial with Aurora last year — after first trying to acquire it — while Hyundai, an investor, launched a driverless joint venture with Aptiv in March.

Rumors circulated in the days after that Aurora might even put itself up for sale or raise funds.

For one, there are plenty of big companies and startups working the problem, from Daimler and Aurora to Waymo and Embark.

The moon seemed to smile on him; the aurora appeared to dance with unwonted vigour, as if in glee; the very stars winked at him!

The storm, however, was over; the moon and stars were shining in a clear sky, and the aurora was dancing merrily.

Thus also Mary, the spiritual aurora, had to be conceived and born before the appearance of the Sun of Justice in this world.

Trying to fathom the abyss below them, he saw the flames of the aurora borealis reflected in the water of an immense lake.

It is impossible to describe here the various experiences and doings of Aurora.