Auspiciously [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Auspiciously:

But Peg shook her bobbed head and refused to promise that she would keep up the friendship so auspiciously begun.

That day, opening thus auspiciously to Beck, was memorable also to other and more prominent persons in this history.

The third of October had broken auspiciously with a bright sun and a cloudless sky.

It was Sunday, and never Sabbath broke fairer than that one, or sun shone more auspiciously on the commencement of a voyage.

My second attempt to break into the casual ward began more auspiciously.

The session began very auspiciously with some happy songs, and Peace's spirits rose.

The service had auspiciously begun in 1850 with four of the five steamships called for by the contract.

What I felt, in returning so auspiciously to the old familiar places, I shall not endeavour to describe.

“My children have never been punished,” continued Mrs. Holmes, now auspiciously launched upon her favourite theme.

No matter how auspiciously you start with a plan, do you not live to regret your efforts and the attainment of your desire?