Austere [adjective]

Definition of Austere:

severe in manner

Synonyms of Austere:

Opposite/Antonyms of Austere:

Sentence/Example of Austere:

The sedateness of his deportment and the apparent regularity of his life delighted austere moralists.

Madame Torvestad, with an austere and imperious aspect, sat in her place; many gazed at her, but she maintained her composure.

Hence those great devotions, those austere retreats from the world, of which some of them have given an example.

These are the followers of Levana, the austere goddess who takes up the new-born babe and perfects it by sorrow.

This type became more and more rigid and austere as the gathering shadows of the Dark Ages mantled on the minds of men.

He remained an austere republican, refusing to take part in the Napoleonic rgime.

With the light falling directly upon it, the pure countenance looked grave and austere.

His great rival in satire was Horace, who laughed at follies; but Juvenal, more austere, exaggerated and denounced them.

To master with more certainty her understanding, they would render her austere, intolerant, and vindictive.

He was young, and he felt nervous as he looked from the pulpit on the austere critic in his great square pew just beneath.